Working for transparency on a murky subject.

I was excited to work for an organization focusing on human rights and Human Rights First says it all in the name. They are a non-profit focused on human rights in the USA which is a sensitive topic for many people as some believe there is no work to be done. A group dedicated to pushing the nation to living up to it’s own hype is something I can get behind.

The specific issue my team was tasked with involved giving transparency to police use of force in America. My part in this…

In the process of learning more and better coding skills I have been tasked with doing the unthinkable… making a predictive modeling algorithm mimicking a Naive Bayesian Classifier.

The formula for Bayesian probability is not complicated, it only asks for 3 values.

I won’t go into too much detail but each time you see a big “P” that’s a probability. The probability you want is the one on the left side of the equal sign and everything else is what you need to supply the formula. …

Using data science to predict internet speed in NYC.

If one was stuck in an overpriced apartment, one would likely want to have decent internet to go with it. I wanted to see what a computer model would predict based on information that could be gathered without needing to physically test it. I made several models based on a set of data available from the US census.

The Boroughs of New York City

Judging by majority case one has a 86% chance of a speed of 940 mbps, which is almost the best speed on the list, topping out at 1000 mbps or Gigbit internet for…

Are alternative combustion fuels still viable in the 21 century?

by Benjamin Witter

In the search for a break from oil dependency many vehicle manufacturers have experimented with a variety of alternatives. These alternatives narrow down to two major types. There is the variety that relies on a super powered electric motor either being purely electric, running on a massive battery or fuel cell, or some type of hybrid. Then there is the combustion engine being made to burn something other than gasoline (petrol for those across the sea) such as alcohols or gas.

If one were to look at…

Benjamin Ian Witter

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